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Wow, it's been a while

I thought that since Joey has been going round and "reserecting" her old communties that haven't had posts for a while I would try doing the same here. Let's see, what's been going on...well I will just copy and paste my entry from my own journal the_pasta_cats:

It's been a long while since we posted here and so much has gone on. I'll put some bullet points up for everyone to catch up with us and leave some things for Miss Spaghetti to explain since she wants to post here too:

* Sadly, we're down to two Pasta Cats in the family as Miz Minx left home when Hetti was just over six months old and hasn't been seen since. We know she's alive because she was mircochipped before she left so if she'd met an untimely end then Joey would have told us.

* I had another birthday in May and am now officially five years old!

* Joey has gone to the human vets more than once with the longest ever stay being THREE weeks and we had to fend for ourselves. Thankfully, B came and fed us every day.

I'm still top Pasta Cat, still training Hetti to be a fully fledged Pasta Cat and she's getting there, but I'll leave her to explain the rest!

I'll update again soon, I promise.

And from Miss Spaghetti's journal entry:

Hiiiiiiiii :)

I've sure missed updating this thing and soooo much has happened! Let's see, Penne taught me how to do bullet points so I'll do it that way:

* Mummy Minx left when I was six months old and hasn't come back, don't know why, I think it was because Joey let me stay but I can't be sure, Joey loves me all the same though and at least we know she's had the "op" and won't have more kittens and if she gets hurt she has that chip in her neck so that Joey would be able to go and help her.

* I turned one along with my brothers on May 25th 2008! Nikolai doesn't live with B anymore, he went to live with her neighbour because he didn't get along with Damien, but he's top cat there and Joey says he's happy. Jet still lives with Gemma and Paul and Joey says he's very happy apart from when children pull on his tail >_< which I don't like either. Elvis still lives with Emily and is VERY happy with that arrangement, he's more spoilt that I am!

* I did a silly thing and got pregnant when I was only 11 months old so I had to have the op, but sadly Joey didn't have the money to have me mircochipped at the same time so I'm still not a fully fledged Pasta Cat, but I'm getting there and when Joey has the money, I'll get a chip put in my neck and I promise not to run away afterwards.

Anyway, I have some string that needs chasing...will update soon!

That's it from both of us - how are you all?