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Hi, I'll just copy and paste from our own journal since they seem to have scattered..

Hi, it's been a while, hasn't it? Well, as you can see, Miz Minx has been removed from the comm because we all know she's not coming back and even if she did, we moved house! (Yeah, a lot has happened since I last posted!) BUT we've added two new members of our house hold...we're calling them "Pasta Cats" even though they belong to the other person who lives here because it didn't seem fair for us to have a journal and them not...anyway...what have we been doing?

Well, we moved house on August 10th 2009 - boy was that scary...Joey disappeared early in the morning and then Miss B came back with men who kept taking away boxes of our stuff, and then they moved out the furniture and then we had nowhere to sleep, but Joey came back for us, which I knew she would, just had to convince the little one!

Now we live in a BIG house where there's space for all of us, which is why we got two more kitties living here. Sadly, Mr Damien died last January and Miss B was very upset about it, and it's taken her this long to be ready to have another kitty and then they saw..well, I'll let them tell you that story. Anwyay, hoping to update again soon!

Miss Penne

Hiiiiiii :)

I'm a fully feldged PASTA CAT!! I've had the op, I've had the chip and once Joey sends off the certifficates to get our new address put on them, then I'll be able to show it off to you guys!

I've finished all my training!!! YAY FOR ME!! I thought this day would never come...well, actually it was months ago, before we moved, so it's not like it's something new, but you guys didn't know that because Joey hasn't let us near the computer in months!

We have two new kitties living with us too, but I'll let them tell you about themselves, they actually belong to Miss B, but since we have a journal,we thought we'd share!

We moved house and now Joey has a lift which I have to be careful around otherwise I might get squashed! I sleep in her bed at the moment...literally in HER bed because she's all snuggly and I'm hiding from Dash, the new boy cat that's here because he's not had his op and he's a bit...what's the word? Well, Penne says it's too rude to talk about here, but you all know what I mean, right?

Anyway, better let the other kitties on the computer!

Talk soon!

Miss Hetti - a fully fledged Pasta Cat

hdfnsdio...OH, is this thing on?

Whoops, I was too busy trying to find that little black and white kitty because I have needs and my sister won't fufil them. Well, we moved here last week and so far I've done a lot of making the place smell like me by peeing and pooping on the floor. My new carer - a Miss B I think her name is, is not happy that I do that, but she says that soon, I won't feel the need to do that...I think she's sending me in for the chop.

At least my sister is with me, I couldnt' cope if she had been left behind.
Let's see, what do you need to know about me?

I'm Dash...MR Dash,
I'm 18 months old, birthday is August 2nd 2008
I'm a twin with my sister
I am NOT a pasta cat or whatever the black and white kitty was hyper about. I'm a tabby and the only male in a house of all females, even the humans! Still, gives me some tail to chase, if you know what I mean..

Ooo...there the kitty...Must dash!

Mr Dash!

Hello there :)

And how are y'all? My name is Violet and I am considered to be a very social cat. I love where we live now, by we I mean my twin brother and myself. We moved in with Miss B as a carer last Sunday, so a week today and although there have been some teething problems, such as Dash pooing and me not always using the litter tray, everything seems to be fine, I've made myself a bed in Miss Joey's office, there was a nice soft spot on one of her bookshelves with dolls so I curled up there and I like it.

Miss Penne and Miss Spaghetti tell me they are Pasta Cats and that they went through training and everything, but that sadly I cannot be one because of my name, but maybe they'll let me once they get to know me.

My brother is called Dash and I can't wait for him to have the op because he keeps terrorising the other kitties and they won't let me be in their club if he scares them off, still he can't help it, he's contolled by hormones. Anyway...I best be off, say hi to all your friends for me!

Miss Violet