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The World According to Cats

The World According to Cats
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For all cats who own humans on Livejournal
This community is run by the cats that own humans on Livejournal. If you're a member then you must have a human who can post on your behalf. There are only a few rules.

1. You must post using an icon photo of yourself
2. No flaming other kitties
3. When commenting on another cat's post you must use your icon photo to identify yourself.
4. A human may be owned by more than one cat, so have an icon for each kitty to avoid confusion.
5. When joining, please introduce yourself using your icon so we know who you are. Just a little bit about yourself, which human you own, how old you are, where you live etc. At a later date there may be a form, but for now use your imagination. Or use the form below.

6. When posting an entry, please tag the name of the cat who is typing so that we can keep all their entries together. Thanks

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